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The Killers Daily // A Photo Community

The Killers Daily
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All Members , Moderated
Hello there and welcome to Killers_Daily - a place to post images of The Killers. All Killers fans are welcome here.

This community is owned and maintained by ilovemyhobbits

Please read through our simple rules. Any posts that do not follow these rules will be deleted.

1.// Photos only! This community is for posting photos of The Killers/band members. We encourage photos (example: photoshoots, magazine scans, concert photos, etc.), but it's okay to post wallpapers and icons too. Posting a link to an article or video is fine as well, as long as you post a photo too!

2.// LJ-CUTs please! If the photo you are posting is larger than 450 pixels in width, please place it behind an LJ-CUT. We don't want to eat any of our member's friends list (even though the image would be nice to look at).

To make an LJ-CUT, copy and paste this code:

3.// No posting quizzes! Even if it has a photo of The Killers in it.

4.// Absolutely NO HOTLINKING Eating someone elses bandwidth is not nice. How would you like it if someone did that to you? You can easily get a photo website server for free yourself. It will only take two minutes of your time to do so. You can get one at either: Photobucket or Image Shack

5.// Newbie posts are allowed. I'm perfectly fine with you introducing yourself, but just like rule #1, you have to post a photo of The Killers too! What's the point of having a photo community when posts don't include photos? No photos in your post and I will be forced to delete it. Sorry.

6.// NO childish or retarded posts allowed. As in coming in here to bash the band or one of it's members. Also no retarded posts. As in, no posts that look like they were written by a two year old. (Example: OMFG!!1! I LUV TEH SONG MR. BRiGHTSiDE! Oh YAEH. PS, BRanD0N is SEXIE!!!!1)

7.// Advertisting! New community advertising is perfectly fine too as long as it has to do with The Killers/band members and you must post a photo! No photos in the post and I will delete it.

8.// RESPECT FELLOW MEMBERS!! I think that says it all.

9.// NO STEALING! Absolutely no stealing someone's icon or graphic without their permission. If you try stealing this community's banner or icon, you will feel my wrath!!!

10.// And of course...have fun!!

Please help promote this community by posting one of these banners in your user info or on your website!

[banners coming soon]

If you would like to be affiliated with this community or if you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at: ilovemyhobbits@livejournal.com OR killers_daily@livejournal.com